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Banquet Facility

The Senator Hotel & Conference Centre in Timmins has a fantastic banquet facility with more than 7,000 square feet of indoor meeting space. Conveniently located in downtown Timmins it is the ideal location for a productive conference, convention, retreat, board meeting, or wedding. 

Our facilities are designed with comfort and convenience to accommodate any event. Our professional staff will take care of you, and every detail whether you choose an established or customizable package.

Let us assist you in creating an event that is profound, and personalized.


Stars and Thunder 2017

Coming to Timmins from June 24th to July 1st is the 2017 Stars and Thunder International Firework Competition, and Music Festival. This Festival has lots of fun in store for everyone.

Starting with an amazing lineup for the firework competition is 8 different teams including France, Italy, Ukraine, China, Brazil, U.K., Finland, and Canada. The teams will each light up the sky with a beautiful performance on designated nights of the festival for everyone to enjoy!

And lets not forget the line up for our music festival! This is an 8 day show of talented artists playing in our city. A few of these artist include Celeste Levis, Hedley, Simple Plan, Lights, Keith Urban, and many more!

Make sure you don’t miss this unforgettable event! Tickets can be purchased at .

While you are in town for Stars and Thunder 2017, let us host your stay. Book your hotel room here.

Your Newly Renovated Timmins Hotel

The lobby at the newly renovated Senator Hotel in Timmins

Changing our name back to the Senator Hotel & Conference Centre isn’t the only change our hotel has gone under recently, we’ve also undergone more than a million dollars in renovations.

Suite at the Senator Hotel in TimminsAwaiting you at the Senator Hotel are newly renovated rooms and suites with plush bedding, beautiful linens, and fridges and microwaves added to each room.  Start or end your day with coffee or tea on us, with a Keurig coffee maker now provided in each room.  Our suites also include a dining area along with a “big red chair” and ottoman, so you can unwind in comfort in front of the cozy fireplace.  The chair is so comfortable that we are being asked by our guests if they can either take one home or order one of their own!

Our Daybreak Cafe has been renovated and now is open all day as a lounge area, complete with large screen HDTV’s.  We’ve added brand new elevators that will get you from the parking garage or lobby to your floor in no time.  And we’ve added modern touches throughout the building, which just happens to also be Timmins’ largest hotel.

At the Senator Hotel & Conference Centre, we have a tradition of excellence and the new renovations are helping us to keep that tradition alive and well.

We’d love for you to check out the renovations firsthand with a stay at our hotel.  Call us at 705-267-6211 or book your room or suite on our website.



Why Timmins Is A Great Place To Live

We at the Senator Hotel & Conference Centre in Timmins might be biased, but we just love living in Timmins.  Why?  Read on to find out!

  • Timmins is one of Canada’s largest cities , at a size of 3,185 square km.
  • Timmins is only 290 km from Sudbury, 370 km from North Bay and 680 km from Toronto, with easy access to all three by road or air at the Victor M. Power airport.
  • With four distinct seasons, living in Timmins gives you access to everything the outdoors has to offer Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter alike. With attractions like the Kamiskotia Snow Resort, Porcupine Ski Runners, Hersey Lake Conservation Area, Spruce Needles & Hollinger Golf Courses, and Kettle Lakes Provincial Park, you are presented with endless outdoor options in Timmins.
  • Timmins is known as “the City with a Heart of Gold” and that saying speaks of more than just of the gold that is found beneath the surface.  You will find the people of Timmins are some of the friendliest you’ve met who really go the extra mile to help out those in need.

Want to try living in Timmins before making a full move?  We’ve got you covered with extended stay furnished rooms at the Senator Hotel. Call us at 705-267-6211 for more details. 

Timmins Comedy Festival

Timmins Comedy Festival

Returning to Timmins March 30-April 1st is the 2017 Timmins Comedy Festival.  Featuring headliners Jim McAleese (Corner Gas, Murdoch Mysteries, Dan for Mayor) and Derek Seguin (voted Canada’s Funniest Comedian in 2015), the Timmins Comedy Festival is three days of laugh out loud acts like,

  • Eric Johnston
  • Clint Gibbons
  • Darren Frost
  • And local talent Adam MacIvor

The first show will be held at the Porcupine Dante Club, the second at Timmins High & Vocational School and the last show will be an adults-only performance at Club 147.  Tickets can be purchased at Altered Reality or through the Timmins Comedy Festival Facebook group.

While you’re in town for the Timmins Comedy Festival, let us host your stay.  Book your room or suite at the Senator Hotel here.

Getting To Timmins

Getting to Timmins, Ontario

If you know you’re travelling to Timmins, Ontario but don’t know how you’re going to get here, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some ways you can get to our City.

Drive to Timmins

Timmins is just over 700 Kilometers from either Toronto or Ottawa. A drive up North is not only a more cost-effective choice, but it also allows you to see and explore Northern Ontario.  If you’re coming from Toronto, why not travel through Sudbury and make a stop with the family at Science North?  If you’re travelling from Ottawa, stop in North Bay along the way and stretch your legs by hiking the beautiful Duchesnay Falls Trails.  There’s plenty to see and do on your way to our City.

Fly to Timmins

Timmins is home to the Victor M. Power Airport which has flights daily from Toronto, Kapuskasing, Moosonee, Fort Albany, Kashechewan, Attawapiskat, Peawanuck,  Waskaganish Attawapiskat, and Sudbury. You can reserve your flight to Timmins with Air Canada, Air Creebec, Bearskin Airlines or Porter Airlines.

Take the Bus to Timmins

Ontario Northland connects the City of Timmins with communities across Ontario.  So instead of taking your own vehicle, you can sit back and relax and let someone else worry about the driving.  Visit Ontario Northland’s website to plan your bus trip to Timmins.

Once You Get Here

And once you arrive in our wonderful City, we’d love for you to stay with us. Book your room at the Senator Hotel & Conference Center in Timmins here.

Featured Hotel Room: Standard King

Standard King Room at the Senator Hotel in Timmins

After a long day of meetings in the City of Timmins, you can’t wait to get settled into your hotel room. And when you check into your Standard King room at the Senator Hotel & Conference Centre, you are not disappointed.

One look at the at the King bed with plush bedding tells you that you’re in for a great nights sleep and as you sink into the comfortable over-sized chair and put your feet up on the ottoman you’re able to relax with one eye on the flat screen HDTV and the other drawn to the amazing view of the City of Timmins you have out your window.

Later you’ll go down to the exercise room to put in your fitness routine, but for now you’re content to unwind in your beautiful hotel room sipping on your complimentary coffee from the room’s Keurig machine.

One things for sure: booking your stay at the Senator Hotel & Conference Centre in Timmins was one of the best decisions you’ve made in a while.

The Consequences of Smoking in a Hotel Room

Hotel Smoking Consequences

Several years ago, the Canadian government levied a smoking ban in office buildings, restaurants and other public spaces. For most provinces, this ban continues to target the hotel industry today.

Hotels first began adopting no-smoking policies in 2005, shortly after Westin prohibited it across 77 of its franchises. Many large chains followed suit shortly after. Nowadays, travellers may still find smoking rooms in Canada, but they are sparse. If you intend to light up, you must seek appropriate accommodations or face the consequences.

Fines for Smoking in Prohibited Rooms and Spaces

According to the Consumerist, it costs the Marriott hotel $1,000 to eliminate tobacco odors from a room. Consequently, they charge offenders upwards of $250 when caught smoking on the premise.

For most hotels, determining when guests have smoked takes little detective work. Especially for multi-night guests, the cleaners will notice the smell or discover ashes over time. Even when just suspected of smoking, some hotels will slap a fine despite having no concrete evidence. This prevents people from using their balconies and other unauthorized spots on the property.

Third-Hand Smoke in Hotel Rooms

Smoking in hotels affects more than just the staff. A study in the Tobacco Control Monday journal observes neighbour smoke, also called third-hand smoke, in shared accommodations. Researchers found that smoke can travel through hallways, vents and plumbing. It can also settle into the furniture, creating environmental risks for other guests.

To demonstrate the effects of neighbour smoke, researchers assessed 30 hotels. In a sample of 30 non-smokers, they found trace amounts of nicotine residue on the fingers and in the urine tests. Although less potent and dangerous than second-hand smoke, this study demonstrates the negative reality of third-hand smoke. Thus, it remains a pertinent issue in the accommodations industry.

Why Stay in a Hotel on Your Next Hiking Trip?

Hotel Hiking Trip

Campers partake in all sorts of fun outdoor activities—boating, fishing, swimming, tanning and hiking. But you needn’t sleep in a tent to do such things. In fact, hotels offer various perks that might make said activities more enjoyable. For hiking, in particular, we’ve identified three reasons for choosing a hotel over a campground.

Sundry Amenities for You to Pamper Yourself

Hotels offer a range of amenities for making a hiking trip easier. Although fun, prepping meals over the fire and using public bathrooms can be draining. Instead, you can use the hotel’s services to recover from your walks. For instance, the hot tub or sauna can relax your muscles after a hike. Restaurants and laundry facilities can provide you with lavish meals and fresh clothes, too.

Greater Access to Regional Hiking Trails

When camping, you limit yourself to the trails accessible by the park (generally speaking). Hotels closer to the city tap into local transit routes, delivering you anywhere you want to go. This includes guided tour spots, where you can hike as a group and learn about the environment.

Better Sleeps and Privacy

Depending on the campground that you choose, you might find your nights noisy. From raucous neighbours to nocturnal wildlife—the sounds of camping keep many people up all night. Conversely, a proper bed and living space allow you to get adequate rest between hikes. It’s also far more comfortable than crashing on the ground.

Top Tips for Skin Care When Outdoors on Vacations

Vacation Skin Care Tips

Most leisure Canadian trips take place outdoors. When fishing, biking, hiking or riding—vehicles and animals alike—you’re exposing your skin to that strong midday sun.

Already, vacations interrupt your regular skin routine, so the sun is not your only enemy. Many travellers experience breakouts and dryness during the first few days. The time you go to sleep, your environment, your diet and more all affect the health of your skin. To combat said effects, you need to prepare adequately.

How to Prepare Your Skin for Travel

Travelling, especially by air, can dry out the skin. For this reason, apply extra moisturizer a few days before your trip. The better hydrated the skin, the less sensitive it will be to sunlight.

Regardless how much preparation you do, you must also pack the essentials:

  • Sunscreen (preferably oil-free),
  • Hydrocortisone cream,
  • Sunburn treatment (i.e. aloe cream),
  • Bug repellent,
  • Facial cleanser and lotion,
  • Lip balm.

For your cleansers, refrain from packing harsh or irritating products like exfoliates or toner. Travel stresses the skin enough that it could benefit from a week or so without such things.

Caring for Your Skin While on Vacation

Besides your usual cleaning regime, stick to a frequent sun-screening schedule. Always apply protection before going into the sun and reapply it throughout the day (as the bottle instructs). If you do get burned, treat the inflammation as soon as possible and step out from the sun for the rest of the day.

Likewise, drink copious amounts of water. Well-moisturized skin requires ample fluids in the body. Although cocktails might tempt you in the summer heat, balance your alcohol wisely. You can also mist your skin with water to avoid blistering and drying.

For those who wear makeup, consider skimping on it during your trip. On vacation, it may react adversely with your skin, clogging pores or drying your face. Many people prefer to leave it off when outside, only to use it when dining out.