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4 Awesome Things to do in Timmins This Week

days inn timmins things to do in timmins

With half the world having officially entered spring time, the weather might not have caught up but the city of Timmins is moving forward into fun activities and preparing for Easter. The kids are back at school after taking the week off for March Break, but that doesn’t mean that the fun should stop. There are fun events happening in Timmins this week for all ages, don’t miss out!

  1. Adult Thursdays at the Timmins Museum

Get ready for Easter this week by experiencing the art of Ukrainian egg decorating! Museum staff will be available to show you everything that you need to make one of these gorgeous ornaments, all you have to do is register in advance and show up!

  1. Friday Night Magic

Magic the Gathering is a great game for kids of any age to play (and even some adults). Getting started is inexpensive and, at the end of the day, there could be much worse things that kids could be doing on a Friday night. These game nights are a great way to get out and meet people with similar passions, and if you’ve never played Magic before, maybe you’ll discover a new passion.

  1. Wellness, Wisdom & Worth

If you’re aged 45+ you’ll be happy to hear that Family Group Mortgages is offering a lifestyle exhibition for everyday people. You’ll be able to visit vendors and exhibitors who will speak to you about products, services, and lifestyle trends for the 45+ demographic.

  1. Creative Writing 101

Have you been wanting to learn how to write? The Timmins Writers Guild is offering a creative writing course to help get you started on learning how to generate ideas, create characters, and so much more. The course is offered starting March 30 and ending May 18 so you have lots of time to register.

Whatever you’re planning to do this week, you have lots of options! Thankfully all of these events are taking place indoors so you’ll be warm and comfortable until the weather finally realizes that it’s spring time.

6 Simple Tips to Make Your Travelling a Little Greener

days inn timmins eco friendly travel

Saving the planet is something that can be a part of your lifestyle at home or abroad. There is always a way that you can be more eco-friendly in the way you live and travel, even if it’s seemingly small acts. Small changes in the way you live and travel can add up to a lot, especially if it’s a large number of people doing it. Here are some tips on how you can be a little more environmentally friendly when travelling this year.

  1. Bring your own bottles: Plastic is a huge pollution problem in most natural spaces. Bringing your own water bottle that you can refill will reduce the amount of plastic waste pollution.
  2. Leave the animals alone: When you see animals in the wild, leave them alone. Don’t try to take selfies with them, don’t feed them or taunt them or try to take them home with you. This applies to any natural setting, whether it is forest or ocean. If you come across people selling images with wildlife or wildlife products, try to stay away.
  3. Take public transport: If you want to explore a town you’re in, try opting for public transport rather than renting a car. Not only will it not create any additional emissions but it will also give you a great opportunity to interact with some locals. You can also always choose to ride a bicycle, instead! Most towns and cities have bike renting available which will give you the opportunity to be environmentally friendly and burn a few calories!
  4. Treat your hotel like home: A great tip to help you be a little greener while travelling is to think of your hotel room like your home. Don’t ask for fresh towels when not necessary, keep your showers short, and turn off the TV, lights, and air conditioning when you leave the room.
  5. Recycle before you leave: If you’ve bought new products that are encased in plastic or cardboard packaging, take them out at home and put them straight into the recycling bin. It’s much more difficult to find a recycling bin at your destination so, instead of creating waste, leave on your trip with your new items unpackaged.
  6. Re-use your sheets: When you reach your hotel, request to not have your sheets changed every day. Opt for once every 3 or more days, instead. You don’t change your sheets at home more than once a week so you shouldn’t need to in your hotel, either.

When trying to switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, every small change helps. Most hotels and tourist areas try to be as eco-friendly as possible but it’s up to you as the guest and paying customer to ask for more. Love your environment and your environment will love you back.

You Should Travel With Your Kids at Any Age

days inn timmins travel with kids

When it comes to travelling with young children, many parents are extremely hesitant. The most common arguments are that there is no point because kids won’t remember the trip, it’s too much of a hassle, it’s too expensive, etc. If anything, travelling with them before they reach their teenage years is the best because they aren’t old enough to be able to whine and complain that they don’t want to go. When you think about it, you only have 18 years with your children before they turn into adults and fly the coop. If you’re refusing to travel with them when they’re little that number shrinks closer to 13 or 14. You should be taking advantage of every second you have with them before they start becoming hormonal and spend most of their time with their friends.

There are many reasons why travelling with young kids is ideal and one of them is that they nap. A lot. While this is usually a reason to not travel with young children, it’s actually a good reason on the contrary. Following your child’s daily routine while you’re travelling gives your day structure and this means that while your child is napping, you’re relaxing and taking some time for yourself.

Young children are also a lot more portable and easy to keep track of while travelling. Instead of having a 5-10 year old running circles around you, your baby is safe and secure in your arms or carriage. Your baby will be happy to come along with you anywhere that you go because he’s just happy to be around you. Babies and children under a certain young age are also provided with free food or entry in most places, which scratches out that argument of added expense. If your baby is still on a liquid diet then it’s even better because you don’t have to worry about allergies.

Travelling with young kids may actually end up saving you some money. Parents with young children are on a much earlier schedule than others, and this means they can take advantage of some early bird specials. Many restaurants offer certain early bird specials for guests dining in between peak hours and, since your baby or toddler has to be in bed by 8, you’ll be taking advantage of these specials because you’ll be dining at 6.

Travelling with young children might seem intimidating at first, but once you start to think about it and plan it, you’ll realize it’s much easier that you thought. Not only do you transform your children into cultured, expert travellers, which will make them easier to travel with as they get older because they’ll be used to it, but you also get to enjoy your trip from a child’s point of view which, most of the time, is just better. Your kids will love looking through the pictures of them as young children in different places and just because they might not remember the trip, doesn’t mean that you won’t either.

6 Travel Tips to Ensure a Safer Family Trip

days inn timmins travel tips

Travelling with your family around the country, or the world, can be an experience that is as fun as it is daunting. When you’re visiting new places with your children, you’re worried about their safety but your attention is also divided in two: yourself/your belongings and your kids. But not to worry, there are always ways you can minimize any risks and worries to increase the likelihood of having a safe and fun family trip.

  1. Double, triple, and quadruple check

Make sure that whenever you leave a location such as a restaurant, a bench, a beach, or a hotel room you always double, triple, and quadruple check to make sure you have absolutely everything. Losing your wallet, jacket, passport, or other important valuable is one sure way to ruin a trip so check, check, and check.

  1. Don’t leave anything unattended

This rule applies to belongings and children, alike, but also never leave your children to attend to your belongings or you might end up losing both. It’s a scary thought to even imagine so always make sure to never leave any of your belongings unattended.

  1. Do not approach any animals

This should be a no-brainer but it happens every year. Tourists want to take pictures with a wild animal they came across and end up either killing it or being injured by it. Whether it’s a wild animal or a stray dog or cat, admire from afar, especially with kids around. And, most importantly, never take an animal out of its natural habitat.

  1. Make sure your vaccinations are up to date

Before you leave on a trip it’s best to do some research and/or check in with your doctor about the travel destination to make sure you and your family is protected.

  1. Don’t try learning new activities

Taking the evening for a dance lesson is one thing, but don’t try to learn how to jet-ski when you’re far from home. Even if you’re in your own country and you’re covered by insurance, the best way to ruin a trip is to injure yourself. If you’re adamant about doing a certain relatively dangerous activity at your destination, learn it before you leave.

  1. Be careful about PDA

No, not public displays of affection, but public displays of affluence. It really doesn’t matter where you do, always be careful with public displays of affluence. Try not to keep your camera or phone visible at all times, put it away when you’re not using them, and try not to wear any expensive jewelry.

  1. Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is something that you will be happy that you have when you need it, and content that you have when you don’t. Your insurance can cover anything from accidents to theft and it can save your trip from being ruined. Do some research and find the right insurance coverage for your family anf yourself, and make sure it includes the benefits you need.

Most of these tips are not difficult to watch out for so make sure to keep them in mind and you’ll find yourself enjoying yourself more knowing that you’re slightly safer.

5 Fun Easter Activities for Kids That You Can Do Anywhere

days inn timmins easter activities

Easter has become a child-centered holiday over the years with the introduction of the Easter Bunny, chocolate, and Easter egg hunts. In recent times, Easter party activity ideas have exploded because of the internet, and there are seemingly endless options to choose from to keep your kids happy and entertained. I’ve put together a  list of some fun activities for your kids to enjoy this Easter.

  1. Easter Egg Hunt

When talking about Easter, I absolutely have to include the traditional Easter Egg Hunt so I will start out with it. For those who don’t know, the Easter Egg Hunt is a game played by children during Easter. Parents/adults hide chocolate eggs around a house or a garden for children to run around and find. Some parents have one or two variations of the game for kids of different age groups, or they play the game at night and give the kids flashlights, or they assign a colour to each child that must find only eggs of that colour. There are many variations but the main idea stays the same: go find the hidden eggs.

  1. Easter Crayons

Kids these days absolutely love doing crafts, and parents love it too because at least the kids are all in one spot and nobody is running around after them. There are tons and tons of Easter craft ideas for kids so I will include a few, starting with DIY Easter Crayons.  These crayons are as easy to make as they are adorable, and kids will love having multi-coloured crayons at their disposal that they made themselves!

  1. Hatching Chick Eggs

This fun idea might convince the picky eaters to try their eggs.  By making the eggs into a fun game, you’ll be more likely to convince your child to eat what they created! These eggs are fun to make and, although the idea is more for adults, it can be done by kids as well for their own eggs. If you have young kids, cut the carrot feet for them and let them put them in, and if your kids are slightly older you can let them do it themselves (with supervision, of course).

  1. Marbleized Eggs

This simple way to colour your eggs in a funky way will have your kids feeling like accomplished little artists. Younger kids will need some supervision but not much because this little project is so fun and simple. Instead of having plain solid coloured eggs, you will have professional looking eggs that look like they took a long time to make. Not just that, but like the idea above, this might push your picky eater to want to at least try the creation they’ve made.

  1. Bunny Ears

This last craft is a little more time consuming to set up but totally worth it in the end. Let the kids create their own bunny ears using felt and glue! Not only will the kiddies be occupied for a while but they will all look incredibly adorable running around afterwards (perhaps on the egg hunt?) with their homemade bunny ear creations.

There are hundreds of craft and activity ideas for kids to do during Easter but what is important is that kids have fun and stay safe.

Why Timmins is Where you Should be Snowmobiling

days inn timmins snowmobiling

As Canadians, snowmobiling is a winter activity that is enjoyed by many of us. Some of us use snowmobiles for travel where cars are not the logical solution, and the rest of us recreationally enjoy them on a winter’s day. Canada is known to be snowy and cold country and nowhere is this truer than in the great white north. Timmins is a great example of a northern Canadian town where snowmobiling is an absolute dream.

Timmins attracts thousands of tourists in the winter because it is known for having an abundance of snow, which makes snowmobiling a great attraction. Also, Timmins is jam packed with hundreds of trails that are undeniably beautiful to snowmobile through. Additionally, Timmins and the regions surrounding are home to some of the most beautiful boreal forests in Ontario, which makes it a blast to snowmobile through or even just enjoy on a weekend. All of these combined are some of the main reasons why the Timmins area has one of the best and longest snowmobile seasons on the planet.

Timmins is currently in consideration to be named the World’s Best Snowmobile Destination, not just Canada. Most people think of Alberta or British Columbia when they think of snow activities, but Timmins is better because the hills are plentiful and now as steep making it slightly safer.

There are roughly 100 km worth of snowmobiling trails in and around Timmins that are available, including the beautiful full circle of trail around Timmins and a connecting trail to Cochrane and Smooth Rock Falls.

As a precaution, this winter has been a mild one so always be cautious of veering off on unexplored tracks and staying away from bodies of water. If you’re unsure of a trail, you can always contact the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide before heading out.

5 Travel Tips to Make the Best of Your Winter Vacation

Just because the weather is dreary and the country is blanketed in snow, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel. Winter activities can be really fun and if you’re properly prepared, you will have just as much fun as on a summer trip. I’ve put together some tips on how to make the best of your winter vacation

1. Prepare to be cold

Make sure you pack everything you need to stay warm. And then make sure you pack doubles of everything. Pack two hats, two scarves, two pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of shoes etc. Snow has a great way of making things wet when it melts, so having backup dry clothing is key to staying warm and enjoying your trip.

2. Prepare your car

If you’re driving, make sure you prepare your car for wintery conditions. Put some great winter tires on, and stock your car up with water, nonperishable food, a First Aid Kit, and some warm blankets. Winter road trips are very fun but they come with the very real possibility of getting stuck somewhere. If this ever happens, you will need to be prepared to be comfortable and safe waiting in your car for long periods of time. Always tell someone where you’re going and give them a copy of the route you’re taking.

3. Check out the local winter activities

This should be a no-brainer but I’ll include it anyways. Lots of smaller towns are full of exciting winter activities; you just need to find them. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, give dog sledding or snowmobiling a try.

4. Make sure your phone is always charged

You never know when you might really need it. Keep a backup battery and/or have a car charger to make sure you’re as prepared as possible.

5. Drink warm beverages

At the end of the day, once you’ve enjoyed your myriad of awesome winter activities, sit down and enjoy a warm beverage. This will warm you up and hydrate you after having fun all day. Enjoy your trip because winter is awesome and you were brave enough to take winter by the horns.

9 Delicious and Healthy Road Trip Snack Ideas

days inn hotel timmins

Long road trips are a danger zone for over-indulging. You’re sitting in a car, bored, so you reach for a junk food snack to keep you busy. This would be fine if it was just a moderate amount of junk food, but next thing you know, you’ve eaten an entire bag of family sized BBQ chips without even realizing it. Or, even worse, you have no snacks in the car so you stop by a fast food drive through and indulge in some greasy treats. Packing healthy snacks is a great way for you to not only stay on track, but not have to feel guilty about munching. It’

  1. Healthy, No Bake Oatmeal Energy Bites

These bites are perfect for the road. They’re quick and easy to make, and they satisfy your sweet tooth. These are great for kids and adult alike because they taste like a cookie and they’re healthy. Perfect!

  1. String Cheese

If you’re an adult and you say you don’t love string cheese, you’re lying, because everyone loves string cheese. They’re a perfect snack for the road trip because they’re pre-packaged and they’re rich in calcium. The kids will also love the stringy fun of eating string cheese.

  1. Cereal

It’s better if you go for the healthier versions, but as a snack, a little sugary cereal won’t do harm. Cereal is great because it’s also pre-packaged and it’s easy to eat with one hand.

  1. DIY Trail Mix

Grab some snack sized (or large, I won’t judge) Ziplock bags and take a trip down to bulk barn. Choose all of your favourite seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and other trail mix snacks and make your own. That way, you won’t end up with all the extra stuff at the bottom of the trail mix that you don’t like.

  1. Pretzels

Pretzels are the perfect snack for when you’re hungry but too close to your destination for a pit stop to be worth it. They’re small and salty (unless you get chocolate covered ones) and they’re filling.
Kids love them, adult love them, and it’s a done deal.

  1. Sweet Potato Chips

They’re the yummy alternative to regular chips. They’re crunchy, sweet, and healthy. What more could you ask for?

  1. Salad in a Cup

This is straight off of Pinterest. Can you tell? And it’s brilliant. Salads are delicious and healthy lunch ideas, but they also make for great snacks. If you leave out the salad dressing, it’s just cut up vegetables in a cup that you can munch on mindlessly. Kids will love it and you will too. Another snack you can eat with one hand!

  1. Crunchy Chickpeas

If you’ve never tried crunchy chickpeas, you’re missing out. They are honestly SO good. They’re also super easy to make, and kids love them too. They’re healthy and much better for you than chips or candy bars. Give them a try and see if you love them as much as I do.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a great snack because it’s healthy for you and, more importantly, it’s filling. If you’re travelling with kids, you can get them the smaller cups they sell at most grocery stores so they don’t make a huge yogurt mess in your car.

These snacks are great for long road trips but they’re also great to pack in your lunch box at work or at school. What are your favourite healthy snacks?

Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate Your Spontaneity

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I’ve recently read in an article that being spontaneous as a couple is linked to happiness, and shared goals and values. This was very interesting to read because many couples stop being spontaneous after the ‘honeymoon’ period is over, figuratively and literally. After a few years they start getting into a routine which can sometimes become boring after a while.

Couples start isolating romantic gestures to a few days a year, like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays. They lose the spontaneity because they already know something fun and romantic will happen on those days. It’s not a surprise anymore, and relationships should be full of fun surprises.

So I’m here to tell you to bring back spontaneity into your relationship. Surprise your partner with a weekend at a hotel, even if it’s in your own town. One weekend a month or every few months is not going to make or break you financially, but it might make or break your relationship. Surprise her with a fancy hotel room that you wouldn’t otherwise choose, take the day to explore the town you live in and see it through the eyes of a tourist, and enjoy a dinner together. You can even order room service and spend the evening together, alone, in your hotel room.

This is obviously not a huge spontaneous gesture like you might think, but it’s something to break the monotony. You can choose to make a huge spontaneous gesture if you so choose, but you don’t have to. Even small things like a weekend away in your own town is something different and it will get the job done. You’ll see, you will start acting like you did when you first met when everything was exciting and new because the experience will be exciting and new. You only live one life, so choose to spend your time and money on happy experiences rather than just bills.

Days Inn Feature: Chef Jason Wilson

days inn dining chef jason senator room

Continuing on with our renovation, we thought it was important to get the Days Inn Timmins dining experience back to a high quality one. In this Days Inn feature I will be focusing on Chef Jason Wilson, who is a renowned Canadian chef.

Chef Jason was raised in North Eastern Ontario before venturing out to Ottawa in pursuit of a Culinary Degree at Algonquin College. Upon completing his studies, he worked his way up to the culinary ladder while exploring Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. He then returned home to Ontario in hopes of bringing his finely honed skills to his friends and family from the north. Upon being employed by The Days Inn & Conference Center in Timmins, ON he has set out with the intention of bringing the Senator Dining Room, Daybreak Café, and Gala Banquet Halls back to their former glory days. With a renewed focus on quality ingredients and perfection of technique, Chef Jason has become popular amongst the Days Inn guests as a fantastic chef who will satisfy any palette.

Chef Jason has also had the privilege of working with Chef De Parti Luc Lemire, who was a fomer colleague and culinary magician at the Days Inn. With his own training completed at Cambrian College in Sudbury, ON he returned to Timmins. Together, with a staff of locally trained cooks, they are putting their best foot forward in the pursuit of making a world class Dining Experience for anyone who chooses to visit the City with the Heart of Gold!

So next time you’re in the mood to go out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, think about joining us at the Days Inn  for a taste of Chef Jason’s culinary art.