Coronavirus Precautions

Coronavirus Precautions

To our Senator Hotel Timmins customers

As according to the current situation i.e. rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19), the situation is unsettling, changing daily life and operations. It has affected many businesses, schools and workplaces in Canada. Hence, there is a great deal of uncertainty arising due to such a situation. Therefore, we would like you to know our priorities. The health and well-being of our customers and associated matters most at Senator Hotel Timmins.

As the risks associated with the Coronavirus started emerging, we have taken consistent action. This has been achieved in association with Health Canada, also including the provincial and local authorities. Hence, we have also reinforced the hygiene protocols that have been necessary, restrictions have been imposed on business travels and restrictions have been imposed over non-essential visitors to our offices and the facility.

As part of our responsibility we have also taken many precautions for the safety of associates and our respected customers. Steps include increased level of cleaning on locations and additional sanitizing. Also, constant compliance is underway with our customers and overlooking their requests constantly and providing them relevant suggestions.


This has also been our priority to give full support to our associates, which includes customers and the business community. Particular healthcare and the most essential services under these circumstances. Senator Hotel Timmins, Canada is also highly committed online in serving our customers at

Senator Hotel Timmins intend to give its customers an environment that is safe and healthy and free from the presence of coronavirus. Our commitments with our customers is without any doubt transparent and needs attention to minute details and customer needs. Hospitality industry is about trust and service provisions giving the customers the best results on a daily basis.

Our service provisions in this regards is highly proactive, providing wipes to our customer, giving them health tips and guidelines, also providing them disinfectant and hand sanitizer and we are working hard to replenish those items. At this time, we are prioritizing the distribution of constrained pandemic supplies to ensure that essential services such as Healthcare, Police and Fire are serviced first.

The Senator Hotel Timmins is committed to keeping you informed and updated while providing support to our associates and customers. Please find new information posted at, as and when it becomes available.

Syed Mansoor Naqvi,

President, MBE Group Inc. & Owner Senator Hotel, Timmins, Canada