Feeling At Home When Travelling

39916937Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, a few days on the road can make any of us start to miss home.  While the best way to feel at home on the road is to stay at a hotel that puts your comfort first, there are a few ways you can make your hotel feel a little more like home.

Display Personal Photos

Seeing a familiar face when you walk into your hotel room is very welcoming.  So make a point of travelling with a framed photo of your family or a photo that brings to mind a favourite memory.

Make Use of the Closet and Dresser

Living out of a suitcase loses its appeal before long, so the next time you check into your room instead of exploring what’s on TV first, start with unpacking your suitcase and utilizing the closet and dresser.

Bring An Extra Change of Clothes

Even if it means bringing a bigger suitcase, don’t leave home without packing at least one comfort outfit.  That way when you get back into your room for the night, you can lose the suit and instead lounge in your favourite pair of sweats and hoodie which will help you to unwind and relax before bed.

Make Friends

Instead of staying locked in your room, find a common area in the hotel, like our restaurant or lounge, and spend some time getting to know other people staying in the same hotel.  Making connections with like-minded people can help give yourself a sense of home, even when on the road.

Let us be your home away from home on your next trip to Timmins.