Do you have a business meeting or an event that needs a suitable venue? If you want it to be epic, book the best hotels in Timmins Ontario. At Senator Hotel, we are ready to manifest your plans. We understand what makes your business events unforgettable – this is why we are amongst the best hotels in Timmins.

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So head towards Downtown, and witness the Best hotels in Timmins that can make your events memorable. Wondering why you should Book meeting rooms? Here are three reasons why you should choose Senator Hotel:

1- The Best Customer Support Team

You get up just like every day, but you know there is an event today. You reach the venue, the event starts, and people arrive, but they don’t stop. Soon the venue is full, and you feel like you didn’t plan for this. What happens next? A lack of supplies and resources make your guests unhappy. Thus, as a result, you face embarrassment. Such an occurrence is havoc in simple words. If you choose the wrong venue for the job, be prepared for such an event. However, you can avert this; how? Choose a Meeting space in Timmins.

At Senator Hotel and Conference Centre in Timmins, we understand that such occurrences are very much possible. Not just that, but we also take actions to ensure that you don’t have to go through any kind of embarrassment. When it means the most, you can count on Senator Hotels in downtown Timmins.

2- No More Worrying For Catering Services

A suitable venue and good catering services always manage to delight people. It does not matter if you are having a Wedding at Timmins or are looking for Ballrooms in Timmins; you need to have plans which include good catering.

Booking catering and a venue separately can and always will be a hassle. Not just that but chances are that the food might not be suitable for many of your guests. As many people have specific preferences, some like to eat vegetarian food; some want to avoid allergy-causing foods, like peanuts.

If your menu is not good enough, many of your guests will not even touch the food. Many third-party catering service providers do not offer customized catering menus. This is why you should book ballroom with a personalized catering menu.

Wondering where you can find the best venue and the best catering? Senator Hotel.

At Senator Hotel and Conference Center, we provide the best wedding in hotel experience. With us, you can get the best menu and the best catering services as well. There are many choices you can make for customizing the catering menu. You can choose to make your menus entirely vegetarian or foods which are free of specific allergy-causing ingredients.

3- High-Quality Equipment

Presentations are always helpful in formal events. Such displays help illustrate or express vital statistics relevant to the nature of work. If you choose a venue which does not have the equipment for such presentations, you would have to face embarrassment. This is why you should choose the best conference centre in Timmins with high-quality equipment available on-set.

We have the perfect-looking meeting space in Timmins at Senator Hotel and Conference Centre. By choosing Senator Hotel and Conference Centre, you never have to face embarrassment.


When it comes to organizing any event, you should make sure to find the best venue and the best team. At Senator Hotel and Conference Centre, we understand what any event needs to please the guests. You can always count on us to provide you with the best support and experience. So head to downtown Timmins today to make your events epic.