The Hotel online presence holds huge importance in terms of marketability and promotional campaigns. It is known as ‘online marketing’ and holds significance due to the impact of online marketing in Digital marketing. An attractive website is highly demanding in formulating a strategy to attract customers and increasing the presence and its appeal. It is more impactful in Hotels Marketing and developing a highly digital marketing strategy. Strategies can vary according to the ratings of the Hotels and its online presence worldwide.

Online marketing holds impactful importance in the hotel industry. It is mainly because these days most people prefer to search online for hotels and holiday Inns. Websites like and are quite famous. They are one of the most looked at websites for finding hotels in the Hotels and Tourism Industry. They are directed to the company websites, the ones that hold all the information for the hotels. Also holds information about its location and what you are looking for precisely. It’s just not online marketing, it’s making a worthwhile use of online marketing. As well as keeping the customers in mind.

These are one of the best hotels sites for price comparison according to customer’s demands. Some of the websites are;

  • Kayak
  • Priceline
  • com
  • Hotels Combined
  • Expedia(which owns Travelocity and Orbitz)
  • Agoda


Hotels marketing strategy in online marketing is based on how a hotel will market its image. Also matters most is creating its value as a ‘brand’. In hotel branding, there are certain key variables that are of huge importance. The following is the list of key variables that are included in a hotel;

  1. Star rating of a Hotel e.g. Five stars or Four Star
  2. Honeymoon suite key images
  3. Conference Room highlighted images
  4. Dining Halls images
  5. Banquet Halls images
  6. Gym Facilities key images
  7. Swimming Pool images
  8. Sitting areas and Smoking zones sound images
  9. Children Play Areas images
  10. Single Rooms and Double Rooms images.

All these pictures are highly precious in determining the ambiance, style, and uniqueness of a hotel. Furthermore, it is also useful in determining a successful online marketing strategy.

The online marketing strategy must focus on cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, what exactly customers are looking for in hotels. Lastly, how a customer should give its true value while staying in the hotel.

Getting knowledge i.e. (brand image) via a hotel is not only common but it has become part of the diversified marketing strategies. It significantly defines the marketing goal, the marketing environment, and the vision for long term marketing needs. Why Hotel marketing is not easy? Precisely the answer is because of the amount of competition in the hotel industry and uniquely attaining marketing milestones. Every Hotel has incredible creative insights to create a marketing environment. They have their best brand campaigners, managers, and interactive & attractive staff. Actually, these are people who are the true ambassadors of their hotels in the hotel and tourism industry.


However, the aim should be to attract new customers via various online marketing tools. This is done by creating demand amongst the consumers of facilities and attracting them with seasonal offers. The best way is to have lucrative seasonal offers on hotels and restaurants. As an example occasion of Xmas, New Year, Diwali, and Eid festivals. The consumer’s feasibility should hold priority while formulating a winning marketing strategy.

Some of the Most Profound marketing ways in the Hotel industry are as follows;

  1. Chat-based ServicesThe importance of Chat-based services is for good customer interactions, fast services and rendering personalized services for customers.
  2. Devising Loyalty ProgramsLoyalty programs for the customer, especially for old customers. These loyalty programs should be based on customer’s facts and figures.
  3. Hotel Virtual TourA Hotel’s Virtual Tour is an online Tour of the Hotels that is an attraction for customers. It is a detailed Tour showing everything that the customer needs.
  4. Optimizing Guests InsightsHaving the customer’s insights into marketing campaigns that is a focused marketing strategy. The focus is the customers that are the core behind every hotel’s marketing especially their goals and variable platforms.
  5. Tracking Guests via CRMCRM is a Customer Relationship management system, i.e. only for customers. It keeps a track of the customer’s activities, their likes, and dislikes and what are their needs. Customer needs are most important while devising hotel marketing strategies.


The MBE Hospitality industry started with the acquisition of Senator Hotel Timmins. Senator is being one of the best conference Hotels is located in the hearts of Timmins. Also beautifully located hotel with gorgeous surroundings. The priorities are with respect to showing the ambiance and style of the conference hotel in Timmins. The recently held Northern Ontario Tourism Summit is a huge proof of the conference hotel’s mega activities in Timmins. For online marketing is the website that is used mostly. It also shows discount offers and the most amazing and hot seasonal deals and packages. Hence, a very interactive and highly revealing site for the customers.

Another acquisition apart from The Senator and Algonquin. Yet another vital achievement in the Hotels Industry, Algonquin Inn Lakeside view is a beautifully located Holiday resort. Online marketing is based on the website and is a highly profound marketing & informative website.

CRM or Customer relationship management is a part of the most useful feedback system and dynamic marketing strategies.

Marketing strategies are based on the environment, events & happenings taking place in the Holiday resort.

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